In celebration of this year’s Berkshire Cure-All dinner at the James Beard House on Friday, March 1, several chefs will feature their highlighted course back home in the Berkshires following the New York City-based event.

Beginning on Monday, March 4, special menu items from the prestigious dinner will be featured by chefs Brian Alberg of The Red Lion Inn (Stockbridge), Stephen Browning from Bell & Anchor (Great Barrington), Jamie Paxton of The Meat Market (Great Barrington), Daire Rooney from Allium (Great Barrington), and Dan Smith of John Andrews Restaurant (South Egremont).

According to Alberg, “celebrating Beard in the Berkshires Week provides an opportunity for our local community to experience the James Beard dinner in a number of ways. The Berkshire Cure-All is a creative presentation of dry-, wet-, salt- and smoke-cured courses which preserve the bounty of the Berkshires and Hudson Valley,” he said. “The work of Berkshire chefs is truly a culinary collaboration and we are excited to present elements of the dinner in our restaurants so our guests can take part in it.”

The chefs sourced menu ingredients from the Berkshires and Hudson Valley including Bacon on the Side Farm, Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, Berkshire Blue Cheese, Berkshire Mountain Bakery, Berkshire Mountain Distillers, BerkShore, Lila’s Mountain Lamb (Lila Berle), The Berry Patch, Black Queen Angus Farm, Chestnut Hill Farm, East Mountain Farm, Equinox Farm, Farm Girl Farm, Foggy River Farms, High Lawn Farm, Hilltop Orchards, Hudson Valley Foie Gras, Kinderhook Farm, Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, Shire City Herbals, Sol Flower Farm and Zehr & Sons Mushroom Farm.

Organized by Alberg, the Berkshire Cure-All dinner is the fourth event presenting the Berkshires’ culinary talents to guests of the James Beard House. The dinner will showcase the 5 chefs featured in the Beard in the Berkshires Week, as well as Terry Moore of The Old Mill (South Egremont), Zee Vassos of Firefly (Lenox), and Sommelier Dan Thomas of The Red Lion Inn. From gravlax and charcuterie to duck confit and Serrano ham, an impressive array of dry-cured, wet-cured, salt-cured, and smoke-cured ingredients will be on the menu at this culinary collaboration.

Click here for featured dishes, desserts, and restaurant contact information during Beard in the Berkshires Week at For reservations to The Berkshire Cure-All on March 1, call (212) 627-2308.