The BeCreative BarCamp is about ideas and creativity!

BeCreative BarCamps are FREE bi-annual, informal events where Berkshire Creatives have the chance to present and share their ideas, projects, resources, and innovations with the greater Berkshire community.




The BeCreative BarCamps event model was adapted from the Barcamp events which originated in the southern California tech field.

Definition: A BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment; an open, participatory event, whose content is provided by participants via discussions, demos and interaction.

At Barcamps, the barrier between audience and presenter is minimized. Presenters are part of the audience and the audience can participate in the presentation.
Each BeCreative BarCamp consists of (5) Sessions, each lasting 15 minutes with a 10 minute break in between. During each session (3) separate presentations occur in separate spaces simultaneously.

Attendees choose which presentations to attend at their leisure, either at the beginning of the evening or in between sessions, from a master schedule in the break space.

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The BeCreative BarCamps have been made possible with the generous support of Lead Sponsor Compuworks, Studio Two and Graymatter Technologies



If you want to present…

Perspective presenters sign-up prior to the event and  provide Berkshire Creative with a presentation title, brief description, and tech requirements. (If they are planning to use Powerpoint/Keynote or a website(s) in the presentation.)

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If just want to attend…

All you have to do is RSVP and attend!




Berkshire Museum
MCLA’s Gallery 51
Shakespeare & Company


Thomas Attila Lewis, NeedleMine, What’s Behind the 2010 Pan Mass Challenge?
Jeanne Bassis, PlayReflections, Playful Stress Relief
Jim Benson, Mission Inc., Dr MincLove: Or how we learned to stop sucking and love the Berkshires.
Barbara Bonner, The Generosity Project
Rich Bradway, New media and social media: An Alternative to Traditional Marketing
Amanda Rae Busch, Berkshire Young Professionals, The Young and the Restless
Millie Calesky, Business & Life Coach, Speaker & Trainer,  How to get started, stay motivated, and finish the job!
Tammy Daniels, iBerkshires, What’s the Story? How to Write a Press Release
Kimberley Debus, Melange Press, Meet Your Muse: Deciding to Write a Book
Caryn Heilman, Topia Arts Center, Symphony of 100 Carpenters
Paul Carter, ClickBasics Internet Marketing, The Website Blues: New rules for transforming a troubled website into a great internet marketing strategy
Chris Collins, Lee Cultural Development, Cultural Development in Lee and potential collaboration with other community organizations and individual
Peter Coombs, FRONTLINE Training, Overcome Your Reluctance of Selling Your Product, Service or IdeaLaurie Freedman, Laurie Freedman Work, The Lyric Eye
Helena Fruscio, Berkshire Creative, Living your life via Google
Julianne Fruscio, Excelsior Printing, Marketing that cuts through noise: A look at PURLs
Claudia Gere, Claudia Gere & Co. LLC, Turn Your Blog into a Book
Izzy Gesell, Practiced Spontaneity: Enhancing Creativity & Innovation Through Improv Theater Skills
Jeremy D. Goodwin, “Imagining History: The King Phillip’s War and Me (and You)”
Phyllis Kornfeld, Inside/Outside Envelope Project, Incarcerated Men and Women Making Art for a Cause
Maria Korolov, Trombly International, When will the 3D Web arrive? And what are the business opportunities in it?
Joanna L Krotz, Muse2Muse Productions, The Power of the Purse Is Changing the World:   How Women Are Creating Impact
Dr. Michael McManmon, Student Educational Development Fund, Good Purpose Art Gallery, Studio and Performing Arts Center
Thom Mesquita, Mesconte Sculpting Studio, Bring art into your everyday life. I can show you how.
Douglas Neiner, Pixel Graphic Design Studio, Designing For The Web
Bob O’Haver,, “Why you need a website!”
I. Alexander Olchowski, Slow Book Movement, The Slow Book Movement and The Digital Age of Reading
Susanna Opper, Shawenon Communications, Easy E-zines: How E-mail Newsletters Can Boost Your Business
Paul Rapp, Copyright Lawyer, Top Ten Copyright Myths
Eva Schuster, visual artist, Intersubjective Art-Making
Dan Shaw, Rural Intelligence, How do we get twenty- and thirty-somethings to choose the Berkshires as a place for a vacation and/or as a permanent home?
Kevin Sprage, Studio Two, and Crowdsource-funding

The BeCreative BarCamp is about creating conversation and opportunity. It’s about creating connections between people and their interests in a dynamic new way that we hope will catch on in the Berkshires. It’s about bringing out the creativity all around us and hearing new voices. It’s about what you make of it!