Helena Fruscio, Creative Economy Industry Director for the State of Massachusetts, will give an eye-opening presentation on the incredible statewide resources designed to actively support the success of our local and statewide economy.

The presentation, titled The Creative Economy: Amazing Statewide Resources to Support Your Economic Success, is a free program offered as part of the American Institute for Economic Resources’ Women’s Financial Empowerment series.

Come find out about:

  • How YOU are part of the Creative Economy
  • Massachusetts’ statewide initiatives to support the Creative Economy
  • How to tap into the ‘creative cluster’ of ‘interlocking industry sectors’

What is the creative economy? The enterprises and people involved in the production and distribution of goods and services in which the aesthetic, intellectual, and emotional engagement of the consumer gives the product value in the marketplace….

Who is the creative economy? Small business owners, entrepreneurs, creative consultants, film & media, software, publishing, visual arts & crafts, architecture & design, digital technology, writers/musicians/artists/artisans, marketing, producers, cultural non-profits, organizations, etc.….AND YOU!

To reserve a seat or for questions, email: WomensFinancialEmpowerment@gmail.com or call (413) 528-1216, ex. 0

Where:  The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), 250 Division Street, Great Barrington, Mass.

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