Time for Action – Governor Patrick and the MCC Budget

Governor Patrick is preparing his FY2014 budget for release at the end of January and he will be deciding how much money to allocate to the creative community through the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC). From now until July, the Governor, the State Senate and the House of Representatives will be debating how to allocate the estimated $32 billion in state revenue.

As the first action of MASSCreative’s new Third Friday Advocacy Day series, please sign MASSCreative’s petition urging Governor Patrick to restore the Commonwealth’s investment in the arts and cultural community. The Commonwealth’s investment in the creative community this year is less than half of what is was a decade ago.

The petition asks Governor Patrick to increase the MCC budget next year by $3 million to a total of $12.5+ million to help build vibrant and connected communities across the Commonwealth.

Sign here to send a strong message to the Governor to increase funding to the creative community.

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