January 26, 2013

(LENOX, Mass.) – Scenes staged on location in the greater Berkshire region are being used to help sell a line of rugged-use products designed to protect sensitive gear: laptops, smartphones, and tablets, for instance. Winstanley Partners — a marketing and creative design agency based in Lenox, Mass., with offices in East Greenbush, N.Y. — engaged with Pelican Products, based in Torrance, Calif., in February 2012, to assist with the launch of its new ProGear line. The images are being used in product-packaging and in an international campaign of print- and web-based advertising.

Specific locations included Pittsfield Airport, Monument Mountain in Stockbridge, the Berkshire Scenic Railroad, and The Egg in Albany, N.Y.; the agency continues to work with Pelican as it launches a new, international presence online and in retail stores.

Winstanley Partners’ Vice President and Creative Director Ralph Frisina explained that many local sites in Berkshire County and New York’s Capital Region were considered, and several selected, for Pelican ProGear photo shoots.

“Sites were chosen to illustrate specific themes,” he noted. “Pittsfield Airport served as backdrop for an aviation-based photo shoot, while an active quarry owned by Lane Construction in Lenox Dale and Lee was transformed into a barren, remote desert through creative staging.”

That staging included a vintage Land Rover on loan from western Massachusetts resident and New York Times best-selling author John Robison.

Led by a creative team that included Winstanley Partners and photographers Mark McCarty of Troy N.Y. and Bill Wright of Pittsfield, Pelican ProGear products in action were also captured on rough terrain atop Monument Mountain in Stockbridge, Mass., on the water at Onota Lake in Pittsfield, and among the trains of the Berkshire Scenic Railway in Lenox. City-themed images were captured in Albany at The Egg and Empire State Plaza, as well as in several spots in downtown Troy, N.Y.

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