Dearest Art Lovers ~
Last week to see this beautiful exhibit ending Monday July 30 featuring ALL CHARCOAL works by local artist Kayla Corby!

I have the great pleasure here in the gallery not only to be in the presence of such stunning artwork but to witness the awe in the eyes and words of the people who come into the gallery. If you did not yet get a chance to see this show or purchase – please don’t miss it!

“…how does she do that with just charcoal?”
“…I thought it was a huge photograph!” 
“…she creates such depth”

I hear these things and how unique her style is.  

Her work is big bold and gorgeous!
See more of Kayla’s art at


Also on Exhibit
Myrna Lieb Citron’s powerful and sensuous 
stone carved sculpture…   

 Judith Koppel’s exquisitely whimsical and surreal
drawings and paintings on exhibit in our annex,
 The Starving Artist Cafe.

Hope to see you here!   
Dianne Steele, coordinator 

Good Purpose Gallery

40 Main Street
Lee, Massachusetts 01238

gallery hours 10am-6pm every day